Digital Transforming Healthcare

The Shift from Paper to Digital

Transforming Healthcare

Empowering Healthcare Providers in India: Advanced Centralized Software Systems and Mobile Applications featuring Comprehensive Patient Records Management, Secure Data Sharing, and Robust Resource Management

Transforming Healthcare: The Shift from Paper to Digital

Digital transformation of healthcare industry

Scope of work : The scope of the project includes the development of the application , Mobile app for doctors , mobile app for patients, web development for doctors and patients , Medical History ,Clinical Notes ,Laboratory Results ,Medication Management , Reporting .

Revolutionizing Healthcare in India: The Digital Transformation of Patient Records and Medical Services through Centralized Software Systems and Mobile Applications

Paper to Digital


Large Associations

Medical History/Reports

Micro-Services, Aws Cloud, Rest APIs, Docker, Big data Node js, Material-UI, Angular Android, IOS, WEB

In a nutshell

Centralized Superior system CSS for integration and coordination of several Software and Application ess allows to control permissions and manage a variety of resources. We also worked on implementation of the rights control and licensing for all elements of the ecosystem.
Application for processing and analyzing Healthcare systems for the presence of digital applications and a description of their features (Doctors & Patients).
Application for the labeling system of Healthcare Applications. Tool to improve the worklist generation process for advanced Applications (Worklist Generator and Reporting).
Applications for the Digital Healthcare Industry (DHI) and an algorithm to analyze Healthcare industry for the presence of Centralized Superior System (css).

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