Innovative Learning Platform

Edutech Advancements in Online Arabic Learning

Innovative Learning

Our client was looking for an innovative and effective way to teach Arabic online. They recognized the potential of edutech to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and decided to develop an online Arabic studio platform. This platform utilizes animation-enabled videos and quizzes to make the learning process more interactive and engaging for students. With this platform, students can access educational content from anywhere and at any time, making it a convenient and flexible option for those who may have difficulty attending traditional in-person classes. Overall, this platform is helping to shape the new era of education by making it more accessible, flexible, and effective.

Innovative Learning Platform: A Case Study of an Online Arabic Studio by Masarrati

Edutech Advancements in Online Arabic Learning

The scope of the project includes the development of the application, integration of PayPal as the payment gateway, Jenkins for CI/CD, AWS Cloud for application server, Rest APIs, Strapi as a headless CMS tool for the back-end, Angular for frontend, and Figma for UI/UX design.

Edutech Advancements in Online Arabic Learning: A Case Study of an Innovative Platform by masarrati

Payment gateway




 CI/CD, AWS Cloud, and Rest Open and private APIs. Strapi as a headless, and Figma for UI/UX design. Android, IOS, WEB.

In a nutshell

A user-friendly online Arabic language learning application. The goal of the project was to create a platform that would allow users to learn the language in a comprehensive and interactive manner, with the added convenience of being able to pay for courses and materials through an integrated payment gateway
The key feature of quizzes on the website was attracting and engaging users. The development team implemented various features such as score tracking, question randomization, and user registration to make the quizzes more interactive and personalized for the users. The quizzes were also fully optimized for mobile devices, which ensured that users could access and complete the quizzes easily regardless of the device they were using. The quizzes were

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