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The mobile application is designed to assist individuals in their quest for inner peace
and spiritual growth.


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The app offers a variety of features to help users stay on track with their daily religious practices, including accurate prayer times, daily adhkar, a customizable daily routine, Quran recitation, and a salah tracker. By providing users with a convenient and user-friendly interface, the app aims to make it easy for individuals to stay connected with their faith and maintain a consistent spiritual practice. The mobile application is built using a cross-platform development framework like React Native or Flutter, which ensures compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

The app also utilizes various APIs to access and display accurate prayer times, Quran recitations, and other relevant information. Data storage is managed using a database like MongoDB or MySQL, which is optimized for performance, scalability, and security. The mobile application is also designed to work offline and syncs the data when connected to the internet, ensuring the best possible user experience.

Problem Statement:

The goal of this case study is to address the challenges and obstacles that arise when developing a cross-platform mobile application for discovering inner peace and religious practices. The app must provide accurate and reliable prayer times, daily adhkar, a customizable daily routine, Quran recitation, and a salah tracker. The app should also provide a user-friendly interface and be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This study aims to identify and address the following issues:

Ensuring data accuracy and reliability for prayer times and other religious information.
Implementing robust security measures to protect user data.
Improving user experience through user testing and feedback.
Designing the infrastructure and architecture of the platform to support scalability.

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We have successfully implemented the proposed solutions for providing a platform for discovering inner peace. The mobile application, available on both iOS and Android platforms, provides users with access to daily salah timings, daily adhkar, and daily routine reminders. It also includes a feature for tracking salah, allowing users to log their prayers and keep track of their progress. The Quran recitation feature has been integrated into the application, allowing users to listen to and learn Quran recitation.

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The interface was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate and access the features of the platform. We utilized an agile development methodology, which allowed for flexibility and adaptability in response to changing user needs and requirements. Additionally, we employed DevOps principles to continuously monitor and test the app during development and automate releases.

Regular feedback was gathered from users to improve the platform and provide them with what they wanted. As a result, we have succeeded in providing users with a comprehensive platform that helps them discover inner peace and improve their daily spiritual practices.


To ensure that the mobile application could provide accurate prayer times for users in different locations around the globe, we had to tackle the problem of determining the correct prayer times for each user's specific location. This required the use of several different technologies and methodologies.

First, we used the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the user's current location. This allowed us to accurately determine the latitude and longitude of the user, which is necessary for calculating the correct prayer times.

Get accurate namaz timings, read hadiths, quran and stay connected to your faith with Dhikr App.

Next, we used an algorithm based on the user's location and the current date and time to calculate the prayer times for that specific location. This algorithm takes into account various factors such as the user's longitude and latitude, the declination of the sun, and the equation of time to calculate the prayer times. To ensure that the prayer times were accurate, we also incorporated a database of known prayer times for different locations around the globe, which was constantly updated and maintained. This allowed us to double-check the prayer times calculated by our algorithm and make any necessary adjustments.

We also implemented a feature that allows the user to manually set their location if they could not access GPS or were traveling. This feature allowed users to enter their location manually, and the app will automatically update the prayer times according to the entered location.

Finally, we tested the prayer time calculation feature extensively by using different locations and time zones, and we made necessary adjustments to the algorithm and database to ensure that the prayer times were as accurate as possible for all users.

Implementation of API for Accurate Prayer Times and Additional Information

In addition to the methods mentioned above, we also utilized an API (Application Programming Interface) to provide prayer times for our mobile application. The API we used was a third party, which provides accurate and up-to-date prayer times for different locations around the world.

Stay on top of your daily prayers with accurate namaz timings on Dhikr App.

This API was integrated into our application, allowing us to retrieve the prayer times for the user's current location and display them within the app. The API also provided additional information such as the direction of Qibla, sunset and sunrise time, and more. This helped in providing more information to the user and making the app more comprehensive and helpful. This API also had a feature of automatic time zone detection, which made it easier for users who were traveling and using the app from different time zones. This helped us in providing accurate prayer times even when the user was traveling.

By utilizing this API, we were able to access a large database of prayer times for different locations and ensure that the prayer times displayed in our application were accurate and up-to-date. This was an important aspect of providing a reliable and comprehensive platform for discovering inner peace.


In order to develop our mobile application, we followed a structured process to ensure that the project was completed on time and to the required specifications. Firstly, we held meetings with our developers to discuss the requirements and scope of the project. During these meetings, we clearly outlined the goals of the project and the specific features that needed to be implemented.

Get accurate namaz timings, read hadiths, quran and stay connected to your faith with Dhikr App.

Once the requirements were agreed upon, we used project management platforms such as Jira and Slack to assign tasks to individual developers. Jira was used to track the progress of each task and identify any blockers or issues that needed to be addressed. Slack was used for internal communication between team members, which helped in keeping everyone updated about the progress of the project. We also held regular meetings with the developers to review their progress and ensure that everything was on track. Any issues or concerns that arose during the development process were addressed during these meetings.

Technologies & tools

Front-End –  Flutter

Backend – PHP Laravel

Database – 

DevOps – 

Cloud – 

VCS – Gitlab


Back-end Developers
Front-end Developers
QA Engineers
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After the release of our mobile application, we analysed the results to understand its performance and impact on users. We found that the app was well received by the users with a high retention rate and many users returning to the app on a daily basis. Additionally, users provided positive feedback on the app's features and functionality, particularly regarding the accurate prayer times provided by the API integration.

The analytics on usage showed a majority of users engaged with the app on a daily basis and spent an average of 15 minutes per session. Overall, the results indicated that the app was successful in meeting the needs of its users.


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