How to do docker service upgrade and rollbacks?

Docker Service upgrade and rollbacks:

  • Scalability Ability to scale the application by creating replicas of the container you created in the docker stack file. By having multiple replicas of a container, you can ensure that your deployment has the available resources to handle an increasing load on your application.
  • Upgrade and updates Ability to perform a rolling upgrade of your application to a new container image. With a rolling upgrade, you can update the running image and undo a rollout if you discover a problem during or after the deployment. Below example shows the upgrade of the image with a v1 tag to a new version with a v2 tag.
docker service create  --replicas 3 --name redis --update-delay 10s redis:3.0.6

Update image

docker service update --image redis:3.0.7 redis
  • Automate with CI/CD pipeline Our experts can help you with jenkins CI/CD which can helps for automating of manual rollback, upgrade and deployment cmd  for the application stack

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