What are Microservices and what is the main benefit of using Microservices?

Microservices or Microservice Architecture is a software design pattern (style) which breaks the entire system into smaller, independent, and functional units, each of them is capable to run and scale independently. This concept is widely used by world-famous organizations including Uber, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, Groupon, and many more.

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The main benefit of using microservices is that it allows for greater flexibility and scalability in the development and deployment of software and web applications. By breaking down a large, monolithic application into smaller, independent services, teams can work on different parts of the system simultaneously, and new features can be added or updated without affecting the entire system. Additionally, microservices can be deployed and scaled independently, making it easier to handle changes in traffic or load. 

Microservices architecture:

Key Benefits of microservices:

  • Scalability  It’s more effective to support a complex application in a large team if the application is based on microservices, since it is easier to distribute responsibilities between developers.
  • Flexible development. Creating applications based on microservices allows developers to focus on well-defined modules, which makes development, testing and maintenance more flexible and optimized.
  • More efficient deployment. Unlike with a monolithic architecture, whenever a microservice needs to be updated, there is no need to deploy the entire application. The only requirement is to release a REST-ful API for other services.
  • Easier iterations. Developers can iterate over microservices separately, they are not restricted by other components.
  • Language agnostic. Microservices can be written in different programming languages, which provides significant flexibility in the development of the entire application.
  • Integration. Microservices are useful for third party integration, you only have to integrate the specific service which needs to be integrated, not like a monolith where the complete application needs to be integrated to a third party service.
  • Versioning developers add version information directly to a service’s URI

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